Jun 02,2023


The project is an office of the design department of a cosmetic packaging company, which not only meets the daily office needs, but also has the function of display and selection. Most of their customers are beauty brands such as Huaxizi, so the exhibition of products and immersive experience space for customers is the focus of this design, and then we take "anti-gravity" and "time stagnation" as the theme of space;The entrance is displayed in a pure black space, with only some lights combined with the display box on the wall, which fosters the content of the main space in the form of a dark box;The display cabinet is set on both sides of the corridor. The mirror material used on the wall makes it feel suspended in the air. The 3D printer at the end is suspended by fine steel bars, and the purple gradient light is used to create a psychedelic atmosphere to simulate the effect of outer space


A large number of exhibits are placed in the "selection area". Considering the rich colors of the products in the later period, the overall space is simple and clean. The sense of sequence is combined with the mirror on the top to make the space experience more shocking;The materials of the general manager's office are consistent with those of other Spaces. Simple and clean materials are selected. The two pillars and pipes behind the desk are wrapped with cabinets to make the space more cleanly integrated.The elevation of the floor and the coordination of the light make the back of the cabinet form a display window;


The reception desk and the leisure area are located at the end of the whole moving line. The staff enter the office area through the corridor of the leisure area, which is separated from the customer visiting moving line. The reception desk is set here, separated from the hall only by a wall, which is convenient for the front desk staff to enter and receive customers.The office area is the largest space in the project. In the central area, we put a tilted island, where there are negotiations, presentations, staff meetings and brainstorming.The light film ceiling and the ground elevation continue the anti-gravity design. Stone is selected on the counter top and transparent acrylic is used at the bottom to create a sense of suspension and the function of product display.